Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Girl's Birthday

Yesterday was my two babies birthday. Shayna is the black one and her twin sister Sabrina is the brown one. So of course i had to get them something special so i went to the bakery and got them special treats. I was going to get them a doggie cake but found these instead as they like the yogurt icing treats. So they got peanut butter bones, liver hearts, and vanilla rings. It is so hard deciding what to get with teh varietyof stuff they have there from canollis to all sorts of cookies, to donuts. And they have carob since you cant use chocolate. I only go for special occassions like this and the holidays.

Happy 14th Birthday Shayna Maidel and Sabrina!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sphinix progress

I have decided to gold leaf my sphinix inside. i went with a variegated green gold leaf and it adds a nice texture and a mystical appearance to the piece. She also now has a head with a hairdo that she wanted. It is hard to capture the colors here as there is some irridescent green in the hair, gold, blue and I think i might have used another color. I just cut loose and added the powders to the apoxie and all over myself too,lol.

A New Canvas

Well today i wa restless and my muse was active so I decided to start a new canvas using Paverpol and napkins. The colored paper around the face is paper towels. these are some paper towels that I had saved from when i was dying fabric that you sawin my earlier posts. i dont throw away tjose paper towels as you can see they can be used later on for projects like this or glued onto ATC's for backgrounds. i am using a variety of press molds the small ones are all from Jean Bernard some which i have altered to get different looks and the bigger ones are from Sherry Goshon.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Startibg The Sphinix

I have finally started working on my third class in teh series with Marilyn Razdat. This one i am actually using a gourd as there is no egg to substitute for it. i had to wait to find the right covering as my first attempt was just to dull with the handmade paper I used. So after searching up and down the aisle at Party City this napkin grabbedmya ttention as I like festive colors. I also needed to wait for inspiration on the face as I wanted to see what my piece wanted and I used a different brand of crackle. I tried Anita's fine crackle and really like the results as it is very subtle. i then used Lumiere's gold with teal acrylic building up layer after layer and mixing the two to do my highlights till I got the look I wanted. I think i have found a way now to do my fantasy faces as never have used lumieres and acylics before and really like the look.

I am going to gold leaf the inside of mine as I think that is what I want to do with this piece. I am starting to feel now that i can take courses for technique and have to do my own thing and follow my muse in where I am heading with my pieces. But it sure is leading me to try things I never would have touched before and expanding my horizons. I never would have worked with gourds before and have to say I am enjoying them very much. now I understand why my friend Linda loves working with them so much. They are so versatile and the fact that no two are the same can provide some interesting challenges to say the least. You know that no two will ever look exactly the same. We will see where this piece leads as te journey continues.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Sculpt Is Finished

I have finished Rising From The Pain for now. I say for now because I am not happy with her overskirt. I used up all the fabric i had and am not sure if I can get anymore. It looks good but is not the result I was looking for so eventually I am going to redo that part. As you can see I redid her face fabric. The color was too pale so i mixed some mica poder into some paverpol and went over the fabric and am much happier with the results. also added a gold netted mesh veil for that finishing touch. i also used vintage stones on her headpiece. the bottim pendulum swings from a piece of fishing line and the ball was something I took out of one of my potpourri bowls. I love searching through potpourri as you can find some of the most unique things to embellish with in there. I learnt this from Carol Newton when she did one of her projects. After seeing that it opened up a new door and i search the bargain stores for bags of potpourri as once the scent is gone save the good stuff that you think you can use later on. Or if youa re like me evn if the scent is gone well jsut leave it in the bowl because it looks nice anyway and you have no room to store anything,lol.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Some of my Eggs

Some have asked to see some of my eggs that I had been working on for the egg show and i have not had a chance to post them till now. I did not get to take these to the show since I didn;t go so now have the opportunity to share them with you through my blog. Guess now I will have a head start till next year. however knowing me I will still be scrambling as I am such a procrasinator.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

getting dressed

Well this piece has to date become one of the most challenge pieces I have done. I had an idea of what I wanted to do but the material just would not cooperate as I am costume challenged. This is a Paverpol project and i had intended to do a draped skirt effect and that turned into a disaster because I like to experiment with different fabrics. the fabric I used is a sheer that had a glitter design and it just did not pan out. So what I wound up doing is turning it into an underskirt. I am now playing with the idea of doing an overskirt in the same material but it will not be dipped in Paverpol. Since this material is not natural it does give it more of a plastic type of look. This could be correectd by applying a finish over it but I do not want to change the color or add more glitter as it will be too overdone. So I will have to see where I am going with the next step as far as the skirt. I am trying to keep an elegant look as I do have some gauze which is my other option to use but think it may be too casual with the glitzy top. Will just have to see where this leads as have 6 days left to get this project finished.