Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tibetan Blessing Tree is Finished

This morning I finished my tree. This has been such a wonderful journey doing this tree and now I have another one thatI am working on that is totally different in nature. But I am looking forward to making more of these trees.

The mandala inside the tree is one for healing and balance. The four quadrants of the mandala represent the four elements converging to form a unity, healing imbalances throughout the universe and promoting harmony among all beings.Red represents all knowing compassion,green conveys action action informed by wisdom, white symbolizes penetrating insight and yellow represents the treasures of equanamity. Together these forces combine to promote physical health and spiritual well being.

The bowl was made with cotton fibers dipped in Paverpol and molded into a bowl.

I placed this tree outside afterwards so that it may send blessings out to all of you my dear friends.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A tree is born

I have been working on creating a couple of trees in the enchanted forest. Here is a a Wip picture of the first one. It will be a Tibetan inspired tree. I have used over 500 mirror tiles on this piece so far and am awaiting for more to come in then I can proceed with finishing the tiling on this tree.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Rodohan has landed!

I have spent the last week working on finishing this gourd sculpt. This weekend I finally finished the wings. They are large velvet wings that when I saw them at a floral warehouse sometine ago I knew they would make great dragion wings. Mind you the plant was 6 feet tall so good thing it came apart in the middle to fit in my truck. I paverpoled the wings then crackled them and used a gold finish.

I now have to find a place for him. Marilyn Razdat suggested that I get a pedestal for him since he commands such a presence. But since space is limited here that is a challenge as the one space I do have i am saving for my next project.

I am now off to the enchanted forest to start creating my houses.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

He now has scales

Well I have spent tme this week working on him and have made progress then my computer went down. i got my computer back and now I couldnt get onto blogger so am using my back up computer .

It has takien me a couple of days to work on dragon man as I have never spent so much time at once on a piece. But I am happy with the results and even surprised myself. There is no way he will be hanging as the weight is just too heavy with all the apoxie I have added.

The pictures do not capture the colors as he is done in pearlescent inks which I love working with. And his underbelly I did with mulberry or bannana paper not sure which as I have rolls of both. I then crackled it and then use blue ink over that for contrast instead of the usual boring black and brown.