Friday, February 1, 2008

The fireplace

The newest project I am working on is the fireplace. As you can see it was plain old white but it will be getting a faux treatment and the wall above is getting a sandstome treatment. the color yous ee is only the foundation coat but already it it looks better. the view you see is the backyard which even has a gate. there are trails back there so once it gets warmer I will be taking walks there and there is even a gazebo at one end. Shayna loves going back there and runninga round as my patio even has a gate. the bird feeder was a gift from Jean Bernard when I arrived! looking forward to the spring when in the front I will have a small garden and teh back I am not sure what will be doing there yet. it still seems like a dream sometimes for a city boy,lol.

MY new adventure

I have started a new adventure after spending my whole life in New York City I have relocated to the west coast. i am now living in Reno, Nevada. i thought I would share some pics of my new place which is a two bedroom 2 bath located in the valley here. It is amll but lots of storage. the first thing i started on was my studio which is in the front and has a view of the mountains which is not clear since it was cloudy when I took this pic.