Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Here is the pedestal for Elusia that I used paverpol on and some other finsihes. My head mannequin will sit on top of this as she is a goddess after all so deserves something of elegance.

My Muse is back from vacation

Well I have not posted for a while as I have not been feeling good and also my muse decided to go on vacation. However know that she is back well this past few days have been full of fun. I have been working on one of my classes for the Paverpol retreat. Turns out that teh fabrics I bought just would not work and that she wanted hand dyed fabrics. So out came the egg dyes that I had inherited a year ago and I tried overdying the fabrics. That did not work. So I pulled out some white fabric and started playing. This is the results. I just wished the fabric took like the paper towels as sure have some nicely dyed paper towels for inspiration and they will be used for other projects. Also any drips on the plastic I used for a drop cloth got used as I ran white silk flowers through them for another paverpol project I have in the works. Nothing goes to waste.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

He has shoes

Well Merlino now has shoes. aHe has some funky shoes made of apoxie sculpt and then were painted with Pearlescent Inks. These are one of my favorite things to paint with. he did not want regular shoes as guess I am not into doing cutsey things and finding myself expressinh mother side through my art. Since I can better express it that way than through wordsd since I am so conservative Icut loose this way, The pictures unfortunately do not do justice. I will have to see when the trims get here if the colors will stay the same or get changed.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tassel Doll Done!

I have been taking Sherry Goshon's tassel doll class. Well I finally finished one of these dols as I have three of them in the works. Actually 3 of my own and i was so thrilled to get one that was made by Jan D that she feels needs more work. I willw ait and see what it would like as far as a dress. There are so many variations on this class as I am doing one that will not have a tassel bottom. Just need to get the hat done and will post it. But oo many projects going on here at once. This was a real fun class and I am getting real good at gathering stich now. Geez whoever thought I would be making dolls after teaching eggs but these wonderful frinds I have Blessed to make have been so supportive and I am enjoying the ride and making new friends along the way. let alone all the new things i am learning and the doors that are opening.

Finished Projects

We are having a Mixed Media Retreat which I helping to coordinate with Paverpol USA. This will be August 16-20 in White Marsh, Maryland near Baltimore. One of the classes will be taught by Jean Bernard a well known doll artist and she will be doing artsy shoes. Well a giu can't be seen going out to dinner with all these gals and not having something artsy. So since I use a cane to walk I figured I would design a special one for this occassion as well as others when I might teach. what better way when you have to meet people for them to recognize you when they have not met you before let alone it is a great conversation starter.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I Now Have a Blog

After being prodded for so long why I do not have a blog I have decided to take the plunge. Fuigured well it is a New Year and since I have made some changes as far as art goes this might be one of those things on the list. For the past couple of years i have concentrated onmainly egg artistry but have been expanding my horizons with some other medias. I have been havuing a blast and now want to be able to share with others so that they can see what I am up too whenever they want and the progress of my creations as I go along.

Right now I am taking Sherry Goshon's Murphy class. This is a gourd doll class ad here are some pictures of what I have done so far. the face was done using her Murphy mold but I sculpted the ears. the gourd is done with handmade paper.