Tuesday, March 27, 2007

new sculpt in the works

I have been working on this new sculpt these past few days. i have always loved the Celebration doll that Jean Bernard and Sherry Goshon created. I decided that i wanted to do a similar style base as it not done as still have some finishes I may play with doing over the bronze mica paint.

T he face I have painted with white pearl ink with some pink overtones. I have started to Paverpol the fabric that will become the body. I am using a fiber mache body that I got from Paverpol USA and cut down a little with a hack saw.

This piece will be called I think Rising through the Pain. As have some more ideas for inside the skeletal fiber cage but will have to see how that experiment works out.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Faerie Bower Egg

I am taking a series of classes with Marilyn Razdat known as the Curator of Enchantment. these classes are working with gourds but I have chosen to substitute eggs for some of these classes. This is teh second in the series and i used an emu egg for this one and it posed some interesting challenges. As the legs are different than the class because of the weight using cut eggs would not support the weight. I also opted in keeping with my earhy them rather than sculpt a musgroom for my faiere to sleep on she wanted to be on a lotus pod. For some reason i have noticed in my work that when i do fairies i seem to incorporate lotus pods in my work with them I am starting to notice.

This was a fun class and I have another one in my mind that I want to get done but it will not house a faerie. It is going to be more of a spiritual theme but still not exactly sure of it's design yet as it is oriental in nature so may go with sort of a pagoda top which is what I keep getting a strong feeling for. i have seen it done with eggs before but not sure how i want to decorate it since will be using mirors on the outside. So maybe i will just have to start it and see where my muse leads me on that one as i create a sacred space. It should be another fun piece to create. But i still need to go back and create the first piece from the series since I signed up late for that class. Then i will post that one soon.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Journal Cover

This a jouurnal cover I made for a swap. i used a spiral book that i picked up from the dollar store and using techniques I had previously learned from jean Bernard's journal class some time ago i made this journal. Unfortunaltely it does not show the glitz on there. the face is one of Sherry Goshon's wonderful face molds. i had planned on doing branches but my muse decided that flowers were in order and the next thing I knew this is what was created. I had forgotten how relaxingit was to do such a piece cosidering I was under a deadline and did it the night before. I have gone out and bought two more journals this time none spiral bound ones as the spirals are a pain to apply the apoxie around. using the bronze apoxie was easier as I used iton the back and it made doing teh background easier as not as much force was needed.