Friday, April 4, 2008

Newest creations

Ok I know you want to see some art so here is what I have ben doing. The first is a mushroom done from a gourd as it is a class from Marilyn Radzat.

The long slender piece you see was a candleholder. I am still not sure where I am heading with this piece, I think there may be some faces in the center and may be sort of a nautical theme involved and be like a totem. I may go and get another one as have another iea to do another like a time machine but will see if any are left in clearance.

Pics of the living room

Here are some pics of the living room. It has changed a little since these were taken but for the most part it is the same just have added some embrodered curtains with shisha mirrors amd my icon corner is now up behind the chaise.And the bookcases are filled to the brrim and oh yes my beautiful jester doll from Mary O. Martin now rests on the other side of my fireplace mantle as was not sure where he was going to live. But Murphy wanted to be with Elf meister who was created by Sherry Goshon.

If youe wobdering what that large habhing red thing is behind the chair, it is one cool lamp! My friend Jean took me to this great store and I just had to have this lamp.

Fireplace update

I have neglected updatibg my blog and some of you have been anxiously awaiting pics so I will be posting a few additions. I have finished painting the fireplace as I did a sand finish on the walls and a high gloss finish on the mantle as well as on the bricks. I still have to do teh treatment on the sides of the fireplace which should be soon hopefully.Ive also added a pic of a wreath I made for my front door.

Friday, February 1, 2008

The fireplace

The newest project I am working on is the fireplace. As you can see it was plain old white but it will be getting a faux treatment and the wall above is getting a sandstome treatment. the color yous ee is only the foundation coat but already it it looks better. the view you see is the backyard which even has a gate. there are trails back there so once it gets warmer I will be taking walks there and there is even a gazebo at one end. Shayna loves going back there and runninga round as my patio even has a gate. the bird feeder was a gift from Jean Bernard when I arrived! looking forward to the spring when in the front I will have a small garden and teh back I am not sure what will be doing there yet. it still seems like a dream sometimes for a city boy,lol.

MY new adventure

I have started a new adventure after spending my whole life in New York City I have relocated to the west coast. i am now living in Reno, Nevada. i thought I would share some pics of my new place which is a two bedroom 2 bath located in the valley here. It is amll but lots of storage. the first thing i started on was my studio which is in the front and has a view of the mountains which is not clear since it was cloudy when I took this pic.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another Walking Stick for Upcoming Class

i have just finished creating this walking stick for an upcoming class that I am teaching online next month. Since it was mentioned by my good friend jean Bernard about using tree branches to do a walking stick as I was only planning to use cane I took up opportunity to choose both options for this class. When I visited my Sis Tammy she had a bunch of branches laying in her backyard and this one spoke to me. I was even able to ct part off to make a handle like a cane.

This one is of an Indian Chief and two maidens. I may decide to add a robin later on but everytime I tried to sculpt one that goes with the tory it did not work out so I have left it alone for now. It can always be added on with some other aditions that I would like to add like a small pouch which I till need to finish up and tie on to it.

The class will be taught at in January so you can sign up as the one I will be teaching will be in the website. This is just another option.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas ornament

I have finally gotten back to doing some eggs. I am working on some ornament eggs now in between getting some classes ready to teach for next year. This is the first one that I made which is a snow babies ornament in a goose egg. I used apoxie to make the berries 3D and also used 2 colors of micro marbles to add more dimensions to the centers of the pontsettias. My focus on this eggw as to add depth inside the egg something that is not easily acheived in something that small as most people just the figures inside without looking at acheiving depth in a diaroma scene.