Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another Walking Stick for Upcoming Class

i have just finished creating this walking stick for an upcoming class that I am teaching online next month. Since it was mentioned by my good friend jean Bernard about using tree branches to do a walking stick as I was only planning to use cane I took up opportunity to choose both options for this class. When I visited my Sis Tammy she had a bunch of branches laying in her backyard and this one spoke to me. I was even able to ct part off to make a handle like a cane.

This one is of an Indian Chief and two maidens. I may decide to add a robin later on but everytime I tried to sculpt one that goes with the tory it did not work out so I have left it alone for now. It can always be added on with some other aditions that I would like to add like a small pouch which I till need to finish up and tie on to it.

The class will be taught at in January so you can sign up as the one I will be teaching will be in the website. This is just another option.


Linda Fleming said...

Wow- now that is some walking stick! It is so intricate and detailed! Beautiful work, Jeff!

HElen said...

Great work, Jeff! Wonderful!

Bear said...

wowee Jeff thats some walking stick- u have certainly made a beauty!! Terrific work Jeffy
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox

susanbezek said...

How do I download the class instructions??

Grasshoppa's Art Adventures said...

Susan, You need to go to and sign up for the class.