Friday, April 4, 2008

Newest creations

Ok I know you want to see some art so here is what I have ben doing. The first is a mushroom done from a gourd as it is a class from Marilyn Radzat.

The long slender piece you see was a candleholder. I am still not sure where I am heading with this piece, I think there may be some faces in the center and may be sort of a nautical theme involved and be like a totem. I may go and get another one as have another iea to do another like a time machine but will see if any are left in clearance.


Linda Fleming said...

Good grief- you have been creating like a mad artist! Seeing all your wonderful work makes me feel like a slug! And all your work is so intricate and intense. Do you ever sleep?

Needle Pulling Thread Designs said...

Hi Hoppa,

I am lovin the new work! I like both pieces very much! And your living room looks very cozy. Did you do the art piece over the fireplace? It is awesome!


Bear said...

wowee havent you been in a creating mood of late- ooh Hoppa please do finish this off I am really keen to see it all finished- I love it so far come on find that inner piece and bring it on out
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

Marilyn Radzat said...

Oh, I love seeing your mushroom here!
It came out just fabulous!
And I love seeing the creations that you are doing in your home. I'm happy to find your blog!
Thanks for sharing.

JudiA said...

That is so COOL! I am going to start saving for a class with Marilyn... I have got to learn how to do things like that. Beautiful work Jeff.